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the senior pastors

The Senior Pastor and Visionary of Truth Nation. Dr. Andre professed Jesus as Lord at 7yrs Old and Preached his first message at age 9. He began traveling from place to place preaching with passion at age 12 and has continued since.


He has worked with amazing ministries and received training abroad and holds true to being "a teacher that tunes" he is the chief "word architect" here at Truth Nation and delivers comprehensively with fervency. His ministry is real, relevant and relating. Dr. Williams is Married to Lady Jocelyn Williams and together they have (3) three children: Nehemiah Logan, Jenesis Gloria and Majesty Harmony. 

Apostle Andre Williams, D.Div. 

The First Lady of Truth Nation and partner of our Senior Pastor. Lady Jocelyn a quiet strength but provides a fragrance to the Nation. With nearing 3 decades of service in ministry and faithfulness to the Kingdom, Lady Jocelyn adds so much to the people of Truth and especially to the Women.


She is actively serving with her husband and a woman of indeed value and virtue. Together her and her husband have 3 Children. Lady Jocelyn hold a B.S. in Business Administration and uses her full focus to upbuilding the kingdom of God. 

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Pastor Jocelyn Williams
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